Past 52 Projects

Challenge: Sew Using Knit Fabric
Project: The Sienna Dress

Challenge: Sewing with Fleece and Decorative Stitches

Challenge: Make Something Out of Things You Would Normally Throw Away
Project: The Selvage Bag

Challenge: Make Something for the Husband
Project: Heat Therapy Bag

Challenge: Create an Item for a Contest
Project: Pretty Pot Holder

Challenge: Test a Pattern
Project Ladies Swing Jacket
Challenge: Sew Something for the Car
Project: Stylish Trash Bag

(Out of order - forgot week #6)
Challenge: Sew Without a Pattern, Sort of.
Project: Little Lizard King Peek-A-Boo Skirt

Challenge: Sew Something Using Scraps
Project: Belt for Elle Bean

Challenge:  Make Something for the Teenager
Project: USB/Data Stick holder

Challenge: Sew a Custom Request
Project: Travel Laundry Bag.

Challenge: Make Something New from an Old T-Shirt
Project: Planetarium Dress for Lily Bear

Week #13

Challenge: Take a Class/Learn a New Technique
Project: The Kyoto Bag

Challenge: Catch Up on Past Blog Projects

Challenge: Make Something for a Boy
Project: Oliver + S Bucket Hat

Challenge: Make a Coordinating Outfit
Project: Daddy and Daughter Matching T-Shirt (and dress)

Challenge: Make Something for Myself
Project: Shirred Scarf

Challenge: Make Something for the Teen with T's
Project: The T-Shirt Tunic

Challenge: Using the Stained T
Project: T-Shirt Dress with Cotton Skirt

Challenge: Make Something for Everyone with T's
Project: The T-Shirt Hat

Challenge: Make Something for the Hard to Fit Pre-Teen with T's
Project: The Circle Skirt