Thursday, November 17, 2011

Project #32 The A-Line Skirt

Challenge: Pattern drafting/invisible zipper
Project: A-line Skirt Class
I have been trying to take the A-line Skirt class at my local(ish) boutique fabric store, Mama Said Sew, for the last nine months.
It is always sold out with in days of the class registration opening. I finally got my chance last night and it was totally worth the wait.
I meant to bring my camera with me and take pictures of the process, but I forgot. As such, these are all "after" shots. 
No pattern included in this class, just measurements, math and rulers.
We drafted our own patterns from our measurements and we even tested our skirts half way through and made adjustments to make them fit better.
Jenny, our amazing instructor, also taught us how to install an invisible zipper. Zippers fall under the same heading for me as button holes, something I tried to avoid for as long as possible. I used two different kinds of zipper feet. Awesome. I can totally do this again.
I forgot to buy fabric specifically for the project, so I ran home on my lunch hour and raided my stash. I have had this fabric in my stash for 15 years. 
A dear friend of mine, Julia, lived in American Samoa for about a year and she sent me this fabric as a gift. I have held onto it for so long because I could never figure out what t do with it.
I think it makes a pretty good skirt don't you? 

I honestly would have taken a picture of myself in the skirt, but I was pressed for time. I am actually wearing the skirt today and I took it off to take a picture so I could get this post done. Sigh, standing in my dining room without a skirt on taking pictures, what I won't do for my blog. 

I am feeling very confidant that I can make this again and even make some for the many girls in our household, that is if I can get them to slow down enough to get measurements.

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