Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week #9 and Week #10 Sorry for the Silence

I had a rough week last week. We tragically lost a dear friend. It may be something I blog about in the future, but it is too raw right now and we are still in the midst of dealing with everything.

I want to remember how beautiful life and the world is, and in doing so, I am getting back to my commitment I made to myself this year. It is probably a really good thing that my year challenge is to complete one sewing project every week and not to blog about it in a timely manner (which I really should, but it is not yet required in my by-laws). I have been sewing at least one project every week, but have not always gotten around to post every single one.

Week #9 Finished Project
Challenge: Sew Something Using Scraps
Project: Make a Belt for Elle Bean

I actually ended up making two belts on Week #9, one for Elle Bean 

and one for the Princess P (she saw what I was making for Elle and really wanted one too).

I  had to make some modifications to the Princess P's belt because I realized that the underside of the belt shows up quite a bit when using D-rings due to the way the belt is looped through them.

I  intend to put up a tutorial for this project and experiment with using a belt buckle.

Week #10 Scrap Happy Again
Challenge:  Make Something for the Teenager
Project: USB/Data Stick holder

I had so much fun using scraps, I crated another project using them.

The Princess P is really getting in to the fact that I have started sewing and she loves all the up-cycling and re-purposing I am trying to incorporate. She wants me to sew for her too but sometimes it is hard to come up with things a teenager would like.

I had a light bulb moment when she misplaced her data stick that she uses for her photography class for the third time. I came up with a design (went through a few actually) and crated a data stick holder that she can put on her key chain.

They are really pretty easy to make and I will definitely be putting up a tutorial in the next week or so.

I have really enjoyed coming up with things to make with scraps. It might end up being an extra occasional post like Turn it Around Thursday.


  1. I wondered if that was why you were silent. We've missed you and are so sorry for your loss. It's a loss many feel, but so much more for those that knew him personally. Will be thinking of you. And your belts are fabulous!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your recent loss! May the Lord be with you in this difficult time.
    Those are pretty cool belts & the data stick holders are way cool :)


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