Sunday, February 6, 2011

Completed Project: The Selvage Potholder

I think that I might have started a selvage addiction, because the design that kept coming back to me for the pot holder competition was to do a selvage quilt block. I think it turned out pretty well, however I am terrible at getting good pictures. Everyone says that you should take pictures in natural light and outside if possible. That is so hard for me because our house has very little natural light. Outside is difficult too, today in Colorado it was windy, really windy. I tried to take a picture of the potholder in a tree and it kept blowing away. 
Here is what I came up with:

Outdoor shot.

 Indoor shot. 

I like the composition of the indoor shot better, but I get much better detail on the outdoor shot. I am going to send the pictures to Prudent Baby tomorrow and officially enter the contest. 

As I was making the potholder I realized that this was the first time that I had ever quilted anything (of course I realized this half way through quilting). It was also the first time I had used bias tape on something that had more than one layer of fabric. Tricky. 
Jumping in, that is what this is all about right?

So this week was definitely a success. I picked up (or at least messed around with) two new skills and I finished the project. 

By the way, as happy as I am on how my potholder turned out, my cousin Mimi blew me out of the water.
 Check this out:

Isn't she amazing????

While I was sewing, the family had some reading time together. We love reading time. 


  1. I am finding patterns that tell you to use selvage strips. If I don't usually buy a bunch of fabric, where the heck do I get selvage strips from? Most of the fabric I have right now are fat quarters...

  2. Your potholder is very pretty. I'm saving selvages -- for what? -- I'm not sure yet. I did make a doll quilt from selvages and liked working with them very much.


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