Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week #21 The T-shirt Circle Skirt

For my final t-shirt project for the month of May, I wanted to make a clothing item for Elle Bean. She is a pretty hard to fit pre-teen. We struggle finding clothes that fit and flatter her ever changing frame. She loves that we have made clothes for Lily Bear and the Princess P from up-cycled T's and wanted me to try and do the same for her. We decided on a simple circle skirt. 

Challange: Make Something for the Hard to Fit Pre-Teen from T's
Project: The Circle (Twirl) Skirt

A circle skirt pattern is a very simple to figure out using geometry. I am no longer in high school and don't want to do geometry. As such, I was lazy and let someone else do the math for me. As Ashley at Lil Blue Boo is my go to for knit patterns, I let her do the calculations and bought her Twirl Skirt pattern. Thank you Ashley for saving me from myself.
I don't have any pictures of Elle Bean in her new skirt. She tried it on and loved it, but it has been raining and windy and a rather blustery week here in NoCo. She is visiting with her dad and won't be back in time for the post. I will try to add an addendum to this post with a picture of her in the skirt.
Wow, I really need some help in taking pictures. 
I used two women's T's for the skirt and a tank top for the waist band. I found them at our local thrift store. I have to stay away from the thrift stores because even at 1/2 off prices, I end up spending way too much money every time I am there. 
The waist band, where we usually have problems with Elle Bean, is so soft and comfy. It works great for her. She wants me to make another skirt and make it a little longer next time. I think I can manage that for my Elle Bean.

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