Thursday, April 28, 2011

Results of Catch Up Week #14

I am yet again behind, so lets catch up!

For week #14 I was without the older children as they were visiting family in CA. They had too much fun.
They visited the Getty Museum, went whale watching, played at Knott's Berry Farm, had lunch at the American Girl store, and got spoiled by grandparents and their aunties.

Here is what we did while they were gone.
Lily Bear went to the Denver Museum of Natural and Science to the Real Pirates exhibit. 
She even got to visit up close with a pirate. She looks a little leery don't you think?

It was an amazing exhibit that I recommend to everyone.

Here are the projects I finished.

One mini Kyoto bag. Now Lily Bear can match Princess P and keep all her important swag in it (just kidding, it is going to be a Christmas gift).

Two new T-shirt dresses for Lily Bear.

I really love making dresses and other things from that which we would otherwise throw away. How fashionably frugal. 

One peek-a-boo dress for a friend's daughter: my first ever commissioned sewing. Got paid and everything! I could get use to this. 
It matches the skirt I made for Lily Bear back in Week #6

I also made three pairs of up-cycled pants for Lily Bear but they are already in the ever mounting laundry pile and were not available for photos.  

I did not get ANY tutorials made, sigh. Here is hoping that we can get some done before the year is up. Oh yeah, and the laundry pile is becoming epic.

We are so glad that the girls are back. Lily Bear missed them terribly. 

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  1. Sounds like great fun for all :) Love the projects!


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