Saturday, April 2, 2011

Week #13 the Kyoto Bag

Challenge: Take a Class/Learn a New Technique
Project: The Kyoto Bag Class at Mama Said Sew
New Skills: French Seam and  Pattern Drafting

As I have mentioned before, aside from a home economics class in junior high, I am pretty much self taught at sewing. I didn't have a mother who sewed so I am missing a lot of those little tips and tricks that most people use intuitively. To try and catch up, I have signed up for some fun, project oriented, sewing classes at my local, cool as heck, sewing store: Mama Said Sew.

This week I took the Blue Light Special class: the Kyoto Bag.

I was so excited because the first thing we did was draft our patterns!

I learned some new tricks (that really should have been obvious) with my favorite tool.

I also learned about a new tool (new to me that is) that I am in love with: a French Curve. Coolest Ruler Ever! I bought one on the spot.

Angela (owner of Mama Said Sew) taught me a trick to pulling the seams so they lay out nicely after turning the bag right side out. You carefully pull the seam with a pin and roll the fabric away from the seam with your fingers. Then iron the seam. She called it picking or pinning the seam, I cannot remember which.
(This is me, with a pin, pulling the seam.)
It looks so much nicer when you do this before top stitching.

I also learned how to make a French seam. It is feels so counterintuitive when sewing this kind of seam for the first time!

Easy bag, fun class, learned a LOT.
The Princess P, Posing with the bag. My little drama queen!

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  1. Love the bag and the drama queen too! That French curve looks cool, will have to look into finding one!


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