Friday, November 11, 2011

A Temperamental Model and Project #30 Reversible Cape with Buttonhole

Challenge: Buttonhole (and a cranky model)
Project: Whimsy Couture Reversible Cape
I am pattern testing yet again for Whimsy Couture
This time I tested a reversible cape in Lily Bear's size. I took on the pattern before I realized that "gasp" I was going to have to make a buttonhole.
 I have not made a buttonhole on a sewing machine for about 20 years. Seriously.
I have modified patterns and even simply avoided patterns with buttonhole requirements because I am honestly terrified of them. 
I think the scariest part is that I can spend a lot of time creating a great garment and then at the very end mess it up completely by putting the buttonhole in incorrectly. 
Picture of the reverse side of the cape, since I could barely get a picture of the one side on the model.

I almost modified this pattern to put in a frog closure, but instead I broke out the button hole foot and my sewing machine instruction manual. 
Success. . . sort of. It is not exactly as straight as I would like it to be, but it works. Also, I think velvet was not the easiest choice of fabric to work with, especially for my first time. 
The cape is darling, however I am having some problems with my model. She is becoming a little bit of a diva and is extremely demanding and temperamental, as both models and toddlers are wont to be. 
She is still a keeper though. :)

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