Monday, January 17, 2011

Finished Fleece Frenzy

Well, I did actually finish my week #2 project within my week time limit.
 However, I fell asleep last night before I could post.

I started out making this hat:
 Lily Bear liked it.
I was actually able to do a decorative stitch along the elastic casing as well.

However, I was not completely satisfied so I went to the store to get another pattern yesterday.
See my last post for details on how that trip went.

I measured Lily Bear's head to see what size I should make. 
Remember how I said she has inherited her dad's head circumference? 
She is 6 months old and wears a 2T/3T size hat!

I made two more hats before I had to crash last night.

 A French Beret.

 A Boater Hat.

Hopefully her head will stay warm now
(However, Mr. HowDoYouDo will need to remember to put a hat on her as we go out the door of course. He likes the beret so I think she may be wearing that one every day.)


  1. although the hats are fabulous that adorable baby steals the show!!!!!!

  2. Lily looks adorable in everything but she definitely is styling in her beret!!


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