Friday, May 27, 2011

Week #20 the T-shirt Hat

Challenge: Make Something for Everyone with a T-shirt
Project: The T-shirt Hat
This is definitely going to need to be a tutorial soon. I was hoping to have one done by the time I posted, but it is not to be. I will try to get it out in the first week or so of June. Promise. Pinkie swear.

I wanted to make something this week that everyone could wear.  I thought, "hey, we we all have heads", and so the T-shirt hat was born.
It was super easy and I can make two hats from one large or xl T-shirt. The only other supply needed for the project (aside from thread, of course) is some super heavy weight interfacing for the brim. 
I love the raw edges and how flexible the hat is.
The hat is so soft and it stays put with out becoming a vise on your head. I did make one for myself, but I have not yet mastered taking a picture when I am the subject of the photograph. 
I had Princess P and Elle Bean model their hats for me. 
Such good and patient children I have. 

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