Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Project #29 The Stamped Washer Necklace Tutorial

Challenge: Crafty project with household items
Project: Stamped washer necklace
Hooray for my first non-sewing project this year.
We (and when I say we I really mean I) made a commitment this Christmas to try to make at least 90% of our gifts this year. So far we are on track and I will be sharing our progress through the next two months (kind of cheating as I have to make at least 22 more projects before the end of the year to make my 52 project goal). To make things even more interesting, I am trying to use what I already have to make all of these gifts. 
One of the challenges is that I have to try and make gifts that even teenagers will want. This is my attempt at a homemade teen gift. I have seen a lot of really great hand stamped jewelry around lately and I decided to give it a try. 
It does not require a lot of equipment:
Black Permanent Marker
Rubbing Alcohol
Letter Stamping Kit (I got my 36 piece 1/8" steel letter/number stamping kit from Harbor Freight tools.)

After some struggling with spacing, I decided to mark the washer for each letter.
Position letter on washer and hit with hammer two or three times keeping letter steady. 
ALERT: Most important part of this whole tutorial. Make sure you are doing this on a hard surface, like cement or marble. A table will not work. I tried to use a table and could hardly make an impression on the washer after 20 consecutive strikes with the hammer. 
After the all the letters are on your washer, color over them with a permanent marker (I use Sharpie).
To wipe away the excess, use some rubbing alcohol with a paper towel.
I made one for each of my girls for Christmas. On the front I put their names.
On the back I put a virtue that I wished for them in their lives right now.
A mother's wish for her daughters that they can wear. 

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