Friday, May 13, 2011

Week #18 T-Shirt Tunic

Challenge: Make Something for the Teen with T's
Project: The Pieced Tunic

I don't know about you, but my teen (The Princess P) has way too many t-shirts. I really lucked out because her favorite place to shop is the resale store in town and compared to some of my friends' teens, I spend next to nothing on clothes. However, her pile of clothes (usually on the floor) is massive. She sorts occasionally, but she has a hard time giving up her favorite t's even when they don't really fit anymore. 

Solution: The Pieced Tunic

I bought the pattern from Ashley at Lil Blue Boo

Ashley is the reason that I started this obsession with up-cycling t's in the first place. My inability to get rid of any old knit clothes is all your fault Ashley!

Princess P and I picked out four shirts and we went to town.

The pattern is really easy and it has sizes XS to XL. P wants me to try and extend it to make a dress next. She loved the way it turned out (she was a lot happier than the sitting down picture shows, I swear) and wore it to school the next day. Apparently I got a lot of compliments on it (from actual teenagers!)

Lily Bear wanted to get in on this photo shoot too!

We already have several more tunics in the works. What a great way to use what we already have to make something new.


  1. LOVE it! I wish my mother would make me one! Lucky girl. :o)

  2. I am a huge fan of Ashley too. I can't wait to try the tunic pattern.

  3. Extremely cute! I love the idea and am going to find time to try it.


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