Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week #7 The Finished Jacket

Challenge: Be a pattern tester
Project: Whimsy Couture Swing Jacket

As with I think everyone in Northern Colorado, we have had the crud come to our house.
 Lily Bear started it and now we have all managed to get sick.

Despite our rampant illnesses I did manage to get the  pattern I was testing  for Whimsy Couture finished. Albeit a little later than I expected.
Yea me!
Angel Baby came out and we did a really quick photo shoot outside my office. We are going to add a sash to the waist at Angel's request, but I didn't want to make any modifications to the jacket until we took pictures for Whimsy Couture.

I used corduroy and brocade fabric for the jacket.
I used a decorative stitch that mimicked the brocade pattern

 And the jacket is reversible (the stitching was too).
 You do not want to know how many times I went back to the fabric store just for this project.
 Okay it was five times in two days.
It is a good thing I live less than 1/2 a mile from the local fabric store.
Now that I think about it, my bank account may not think it is such a good thing.  


  1. Hope you all get better soon :)
    What a beautiful jacket & model too! Great job!

  2. Beautiful! Love that it is reversible!


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