Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week #11 Finished Bag


Challenge: Sew a Custom Request
Project: Travel Laundry Bag.

Well, I did get the bags finished, unfortunately they did not make it into my mom's suitcase before they left. I will be sending them with Princess P and Elle Bean as they are traveling to California to visit over their spring break next week.

I am having a real problem getting pictures taken of my projects, and I don't want to post with out them. That is part of what is slowing me down.

I am pretty happy with how the bags turned out. I used fabric that has been sitting around my basement for probably 10 or more years, so no judgement, they are laundry bags for pity's sake! 
I designed the bag myself based on things that have bothered me about draw string bags I have made in the past.
 I wanted to use different ties but couldn't find the shoe laces I know we have lying around the house, I had to use ribbon for now. The ties can be changed out very easily.

The bag is constructed of two squares of fabric and two long thin rectangles of fabric. I am hoping to do a bunch of tutorials while the middle girls are away on vacation. This should be one of them.

Baby in a bag, always an interesting photo shoot!

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  1. Love the laundry bags! And the Baby in the bag is just precious!


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