Monday, November 14, 2011

Project #31 The Scrap Catcher

Challenge: Create item from a picture
Project: Scrap Catcher
As the handmade Christmas continues, I have been asking for input on the receivers of said handmade gifts. It is especially hard to come-up with something for my cousin, Mimi, who is a sewing diva herself. You can find her blog here. She asked for something she has been wanting for a while, but hasn't gotten around to make for herself: a scrap catcher for her serger. Her machine didn't come with one and she sent me this picture as an idea for what she wanted. 
The one thing she specifically requested was that I use a non-skid material for the bottom of the pad. I found the material at Jo-Ann's, it is the same stuff that is on the bottom of footie pajamas. 
Lily Bear in footie pjs. Great excuse for a cutie picture. 
In trying to "use what we've got" for my Christmas sewing projects, I went through my fabric stash and found a valance I bought in the scratch and dent section of IKEA. I can find really fun fabric items there. 
Here is the finished product:
I think the scrap bag might be a little big, but I am really lazy when it come to emptying these things out while I am sewing. The good thing about giving this to Mimi, who can sew way better than I can, is that she can modify it if she really wants to. I also used Velcro on the bag, so it is removable for easy emptying, and included the corresponding Velcro strip that still needs to be sewn on to the mat, so Mimi can place the bag where it will work best for her. 
One more Christmas present DONE. 

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