Friday, April 1, 2011

Week #12 The Leaning Tower of T-Shirts

Challenge: Make Something New from an Old T-Shirt
Project: Planetarium Dress for Lily Bear
Skills: Pattern modification/creation, fabric painting.

Week #12's challenge was a shout out to my cousin Mimi. She is, for the most part, following along with my weekly challenges and doing an awesome job of it I might add. 
Since she discovered the ability to sew dresses from t-shirts she has picked up a t-shirt buying compulsion. It has hit epic proportions.
(This is from one shopping trip alone!)
This is an opportunity for her to use up some of her stash, or act as a kick in the pants.

I have a stash as well, and wanted to use up some of my accumulated t-shirts. I didn't take before pictures, (I know, bad Heather) but I used a constellation shirt (glow in the dark no less) that once belonged to my step-father and an old girl scout t-shirt of Elle Bean's.
(I really need to learn how to take better pictures. The dress looks crooked, but I swear it isn't!)

I really like the Sienna dress pattern from Lil Blue Boo that I used in my first blog post, but my baby has a BIG head and the neckline was a really tight fit. I have found if the neckline is big enough, then the dress falls off her shoulders.
So, I modified a pattern and created a neckline that uses elastic.

Elle Bean's green shirt had a few stains I couldn't work around (and I had already started cutting) so I took the opportunity to pull out some fabric paints and experiment with stamping. I managed to make it work, but I want to find some better paints next time.

It is a little big, but it is not that warm here yet. I am making all of Lily Bear's dresses bigger so she can wear them into the summer. We are going to the Griffith Observatory this summer, I think she is going to have to wear this dress. 

I think I like this pattern I kind of made up. I need to learn how to draft so I can make my own patterns!
It was easier taking pictures of her in a bag than it was in a dress; she loves playing with her feet. 
My silly Lily.

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