Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May: The Month of T's

I started this year long project of sewing every week to find and express my creativity while I take a break from acting.
Portraying Zillah in  Bright Room Called Day

I have really enjoyed it.

Throughout the last four months of sewing, I seem to have hit on to something that really is in sync with my personal philosophies: re-purposing fabric to make new items. I love making something new from something old or even something that is going to be thrown away.

 Don't get me wrong, I love beautiful fabric, but I find I get really excited when someone says how cute something is and I can tell them what each piece of fabric use to be. (I really should just learn to say thank you to a compliment instead of giving away all my secrets and coming off looking like a crazy person).

I have made quite a few dresses for Lily Bear from t-shirts and they have gotten rave reviews from Lily and her admirers. 

I love re-using t's to make Lily Bear dresses, but I want to branch out a little bit. So every week this month I am going make something from re-purposed t-shirts, something other than a dress for Lily Bear that is.  I have a pretty crazy project for this summer that I think I need to work up to using t-shirts. I will fill you all in on it in another post. 

So here is to May and the plethora of T's!

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  1. Can't wait to see all your "T" projects come to life!


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