Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week #8 Creating for the Car

Challenge: Sew Something for the Car
Project: Stylish Trash Bags

(Due to last minute changes to the pattern I was testing last week, I did not finish it in time to post today. I will be posting pictures of my finished project tomorrow.)

We are a one car (van) family.

 We do this by choice and we usually do it pretty well. We also try and use alternative transportation whenever we can.

My rocking bike:
Mine is actually gold. It is so pretty.

Until Lily Bear was born, we only had about one car scheduling conflict a month.

Since Lily Bear, well we tend to have a few more conflicts and have started to think about having a second car again.

For now, as we still all share the same car, it tends to get a little cluttered, especially because we don't have any kind of trash receptacle.

Well, that all is about to change this week.
I am going to be referring back to my wonderfully creative friend Tara over at Tinkerfrog. We chatted about this week's project and she kindly posted a tutorial on her blog for her car trash bag design.

 Oh, how I love not having to reinvent the wheel.
 Thank you Tara!

I picked out some fabric at my new favorite store, Mama Said Sew.

I will have a post about the store and the wonderful craft parties they throw later on this week.

Clean car. . . here we come!

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