Friday, February 11, 2011

A break from our regularly scheduled programming

My challenge for the week is on hold as Denise from Whimsy Couture makes some adjustments to the pattern I am testing.
I was itching to sew something last night, so I did.

Project Run and Play

If you have been following the competition over at Project Run and Play, you will know that the second week's challenge was to sew a dress using the Liela and Ben Sweet Little Dress pattern.

Sweet Little Dress Pattern Package - includes 3M to 5T
The contestants made the most amazing dresses (and even a coat!) using this pattern as a base.
 Look here to see what they came up with. Crazy no?

Well, I am not that amazing (yet) so I made the dress with just a few (very) minor adjustments.
I will try and get some pictures posted tomorrow.

I made the dress for Lily Bear, and I made it a little big so she can wear it this spring/summer.
 It is a little too cold here in Colorado for this dress right now.

Speaking of cold and snow, after work we drove past the "sledding hill" in our town.
We are pretty flat out here in the plains and this is the only real hill.
We decided to do some impromptu sledding.
(Keep in mind that I was taking these pictures with the sun already down)

This is Elle Bean getting some speed.

 Lily Bear does not look amused

My favorite pictures of the evening.

My adventures in sledding:

Who talked me into this????

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  1. definitely to cold here in Co. for such a cute little dress! However today it was actually on the + side when I went to work this am! Yea!


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