Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tour de Fat

Since we are playing catch-up, let us travel back to September.
One of my favorite things about living in Northern Colorado is the Tour de Fat held in Fort Collins every September. It is put on by the New Belgium Brewing Company and the best way to describe it Mardi-Gras on bikes.
Over 10,000 people dressed up in costumes, ranging from the ridiculous to the amazing, show up to ride a three mile route in the city. People even make their own bikes specifically for the ride.
The Couch Bike, the ultimate in relaxation.
Burn off the calories as you drink.
I can never figure out how you get off (or on for that matter) one of these bikes.
Creativity abounds.
Brian and I have been attending the ride for 6 years now and oh how it has grown. Three years ago, my mother was visiting and she fell in love with the event. We always stake out a good location for her to watch the "parade" go by, and this year my step-father joined her. He is an amazing photographer and ended up taking almost 1,100 pictures!

Last year we had the whole family riding. We all dressed up as fairies, and Brian was a fairy catcher/hunter.
This year we only had Angel and Lily Bear with us, but we had one of Angel's friends join us and our good friend Mark came to ride as well (he actually bought a bike so he could ride in the Tour).
I like it when we all have coordinating costumes so I thew together the theme of Kabuki Theater Troupe.
Is it weird that I had 5 authentic kimonos just hanging around my house?

We were running a bit late this year so we finished our make-up when we got there.
I am not going to lie to you, a kimono was not designed for bike riding. But we did our best.
Lily Bear was not sure how to react to our make-up
Such a great excuse to dress up.

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