Friday, October 21, 2011

Project #27 The Pillowcase Dress/Pattern Drafting

Challenge: Design and make my own pattern
Project: Pillowcase Dress
Walking is so much fun.
I have wanted to make a pillowcase dress for a long time now. I even bought a pillow case at a resale shop in my area in hopes that I would get around to it someday. It did languish in my "someday" project basket for a while longer than I originally planned.

I looked around at a lot of tutorials for pillowcase dresses on line, and there are a TON of them out there. But I wasn't finding what I really wanted. I didn't want the gathered, drawstring look of most pillowcase dresses . . so I created my own design.

That is right, I designed and drafted my own pattern.
Yes mom, I know I should have ironed this before taking pictures.
I made my own bias tape with the left overs from a sheet I used in another project. I love being able to make my own bias tape, so many more options, so little cost.
Ironed, yup that would have made this look a heck of a lot better, I hear you loud and clear mom. 
I even added a little detail on the bottom with some left over bias tape laid flat.

(Yes, we have an avocado sage green piano.)
Crazy hair is the best hair.
Ta da!
Total cost for this experimental dress: $0.50
I want to experiment more with pattern design and pdf pattern making, you know, in all that spare time I have.

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