Wednesday, October 19, 2011

All Summer in a Day

My last post, being without pictures, was not well received by my family and non-local friends. I don't think I quite realized how they depended on these posts to keep tabs on the girls and our goings on. 
As I am really, really delinquent on my posts, I am going to have to cram the whole summer in one day.


The Princess P turned 16!
She had her party at our home. Sounds simple right? So wrong. 25+ teenagers over for a three course fondue dinner. I don't have any photo documentation because I was too busy running around like a mad woman trying to keep the food coming. They were actually extremely well behaved for a gaggle of teenagers, way better than I was at that age, that is for sure. 

Lily Bear turned 1! 
We moved her party to our pool down the street last minute due to an overwhelming guest RSVP. "It is so hard being so popular", says Lily. 

Unfortunately she wasn't feeling very well and slept through a good part of it.

The cake I threw together. . .

She had her own as well, but was not that interested.

She had her awesome Monkey 1st Birthday bib made by her Aunt Mimi.

The Princess P doesn't do pools, so she borrowed some reading material from Lily's gifts.


Elle Bean turns 12!

She got her awesome grown up bike.

Her party was held at an amusement park with two friends. The hubby got out of going with us because he stayed home to take care of Lily Bear, so we recruited our good friend Mark to help. Doesn't he look like he is having a great time??

Other things happened this summer, I am sure of it, but I think that these were the most important and the most memorable for me (and the best documented). Do you feel caught up yet?

Coming up next: an actual sewing project!

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