Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week #24 Summer Pattern Mash-up or How to Use your Old Baby Towels

Hot, it is hot out here in Colorado. It always is, every summer, but somehow it always takes me by surprise. We are one lucky family because we have a pool, that we belong to, less than one block away. We spend as much time there as we can and this summer is no exception. As a result, Lily Bear is now our Water Lily. 
However, no matter how hot it is here, when we get out it is shiver time. 
I wanted to make the Water Lily a cover up, but I didn't like any of the patterns I saw out there, so I decided to do a mash-up of two patterns. 

Challange: Pattern Mash-up
Project: Swim cover-up

I took the hood from LBB's Recycled T-shirt Hoodie
and the dress from one of my go to LBB patterns, The Sienna Dress
and I got Lily's new, keep me warm when I am out of the water, summer cover up!
The sun was directly in my eyes for these pictures, thanks mom.
To keep in theme with up-cycling, I used two of Lily Bear's baby bath towels. I love how soft they are and we only use baby towels for about the first six months, after that they are just too small for us. The fabric worked well with these patterns because it has stretch just like t-shirt material does. 
I even added some cut out appliques I took from the hood of one of the towels. Fancy!
My family thinks that the Water Lily looks an awful lot like a pink Jedi master. 
Use the force oh Pink one, use the force!

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