Thursday, June 16, 2011

Week #23 Confessions and a Do Over

Hotel we are staying at . . isn't it gorgeous?
I am in Santa Fe, NM right now on a mini vacation. My cousin Mimi is at a work training here and I joined her for the tail end so we can have a girls weekend.

Challenge: Make Something for Santa Fe
Project: Kwik Sew 3675
Santa Fe, the land of turquoise and flowy clothing. I have the turquoise and I wanted to make something flowy and summer and cool that I could wear while I was here. It is very scary making something for myself.
I used a Quick Sew pattern that my favorite local shop, Mama Said Sew, was teaching a class on. I saw the dress made and it was perfect.
I made the dress out of a beautiful orange cotton (okay it was an up-cycled sheet, but it had a great linen look to it) and a gorgeous trim from the afore mentioned sewing store.
I made the dress the length of view A without the ruffle. I sewed the dress the night before I left in just a few hours.
I tried on the dress and almost cried.
Here is the confession. I am not losing weight from having a baby very easily. . . okay not at all. This dress was suppose to look good on everyone. . . but not me. I looked like Orange Blossom from Strawberry Shortcake.
I really wanted to stretch and sew some clothing for myself, but it is so hard when you spend so much time making something and it turns out to look ridiculous on you. I was so frustrated I went to Kohls and bought four dresses so I would feel pretty and comfortable while I was here in Santa Fe.

I am calling a Do Over on this project.
I am going to try and tweak the dress, shorten it, take in some of the bulk of the skirt and anything else I can think of to see if I can make it look right.
I am also calling a Do Over on me. I have not been taking care of myself in the way that I should, I know this. I want to be comfortable in my own body, I want to be able to keep up with my kids and teach them by example to be healthy. I want to like getting dressed in the morning again. Brian (the Mr.) and I have a bet going to see who can loose the belly first. I am nothing if not competitive.

Do Over.

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