Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Week #22 Baby Romper

Okay so I was done with the T-shirt up-cycling month, but I figured one more couldn't hurt right?
Challenge: Make a summer outfit
Project: Maliboo Romper
She won't crawl, but I can get her to stand for pictures? Sheesh!
Summer has finally hit Colorado, and it has hit it with a vengeance. It took such a long time to get warm here, I wasn't sure that we were ever going to stop wearing long sleeves.
Still had snow over Memorial Day weekend.
In celebration of summer, I wanted to make something for Lily Bear that would help her beat the heat.
I decided to use the Lil Blue Boo Mailboo Romper pattern.
Yes, I do think I should start getting a pattern discount from Ashley for using all of her patterns in my blog :)
I made some modifications (surprise, surprise) by cutting the pattern pieces up in a different configuration. The front of the romper is suppose to be two pattern pieces, I created it with three. 
Hannah Montana made an appearance in this outfit. 
I used two t-shirts of Elle Bean's and a men's t-shirt we had in the stash. 
This project was so easy and yet so many things went wrong. 
1. My serger hates me, I know it. I love it but it hates me. I will continue my serger rant in another post at some point.
2. I cut the fabric out and realized I had two front left pieces instead of a right and left. Sigh. I recut but had to make the romper one size smaller. It worked out alright, but this will probably only fit Lily Bear for a month or two.
3. I broke a needle on some bling that I didn't notice was on one of the t-shirts. Part of the needle flew into my eye. Fun.
4. Trying to get a picture of Lily Bear in the romper with out any back up was impossible. The first time I tried it, she had a blow out and I had to postpone the shoot until I could do laundry. This next time she drooled all over the bodice before I could even get a picture and sitting still was just not happening. 
Trying to crawl off the couch.
Practicing some dance moves?
Jazz hands mom.

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