Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week #4: Make Something For The Man

Challenge: Make Something for My Husband

Project: Heat Therapy Bag

Is it just me, or does the man of the house usually get looked over or skipped when you are sewing your amazing creations? Mr. HowDoYouDo is incredibly supportive, he oohs and ahhs appropriately when I show him my finished projects, but none of them have ever been for him.
That changes today.

(Our wedding: 2009)

It took a while to figure out what to make for him, but as he was complaining about his ankles hurting at night yet again, the idea light bulb came on.
Mr. How broke both of his ankles in his youth and whenever it gets cold they tend to ache.

(Just a little insight into our family: he didn't break his ankles while tackling other guys, shooting a basket or during some other sport activity, he broke them while he was carrying a flailing actress down a set of stairs while playing the lead in The Pirates of Penzance. I did mention that we are a family of actors right? )

Anyway, I decided to help his aching ankles (and relieve my guilt of never sewing anything for him) by making a Heat Therapy Bag for him.

I am going to try out different materials and fillers to see what works best.
Follow along and see what we come up with.

Speaking of following along, my cousin Mimi over at This-Busy-Mama has been working on the weekly challenges that I have been setting. We live across the county from each other and don't get to see each other very often, so it has been nice to work on this together.
She combined weeks #1 and #2 to make a Sienna dress out of fleece.
 (Yes, she did make it for Lily Bear).

For Week #3 Trash to Treasure, she took a dog food bag and made it into totes. Brilliant!

Isn't she amazing!
(She also has some historical pictures of us on her blog. Ack!)


  1. Heather, I absolutely LOVE your wedding photo, it's so romantic.

    That's such a great idea to make a Heat Therapy bag for Mr. How's ankles. Bless him for going through what he did for the show to go on Ouch! I do hope they appreciated it. I wish him well and hugs to Lily bear! You know we just love her, don't you?

  2. Wow, your wedding photo is gorgeous!

    I hope you put a photo of the Heat Therapy Bag on your blog. Mr. Selvage may need one of those too. Is it microwavable?

    Hi Lily Bear! (kissing those little toes)

  3. Acting can be painful. My sister broke her foot coming down some stairs during a dinner theatre Oklahoma! performance. She continued to dance on it through the next song.


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