Sunday, January 23, 2011

Things I Learned From Week #3

What a truly fantastic week. One that was totally unexpected, but very much appreciated. Thank you to all my new followers and especially to Karen at the Selvage Blog for running a giveaway to introduce my blog. I am still reeling from it. 

1. The blogging world is an amazingly supportive community. I knew this in theory after reading Matt Logelin's blog that he wrote after his wife's death. I saw how people came together to help a stranger friend in his time of need, it was inspiring. Now, in a small way, I feel like I saw the kindness of strangers blogging friends when Karen ran her giveaway and I got to meet all of you. Thank you to all my new friends.

2. I have the most wonderful and supportive husband. He doesn't understand blogging, but that didn't stop him from helping me redesign my site. He did it all Thursday night when I started panicking because people besides my mother were going to see my blog the next day. I am truly lucky to have him. (Now he is trying to figure out and design blog buttons for me, what a guy.)

3. Having followers is amazing and exciting and really, really, SCARY!

4. I really need to spend some time figuring out how the heck this blogging thing works. I don't know how to respond to comments besides posting another one from me. I will read up this week and try to work my way past my newbie status. Anyone with any good advice on where to go to learn more PLEASE let me know. 

5. A baby (especially Lily Bear) makes for a great ice breaker.

Thank you again for a great and scary week #3.


  1. Good for you! I have my comments sent to my "crafty e-mail" address so I can respond via e-mail. You set that up in your settings. You can only reply to those that have their e-mail visible though!

  2. You are very welcome!!
    Hugs, Karen

  3. I also came by from the Selvage Quilter's blog. Lily Bear is a cutie. Especially love the facial expressions. Good luck in blogging. I've made some great blogging friends.

  4. You are incredible. Inspired me to start cross stitching again because it used to help me be creative and de-stress. Thanks!

  5. Hello... just visiting via Selvage blog.... Lily Bear is really such a darling.... I am a relatively new blogger (<1 year) and I found Chookyblue has some great tips on the left hand side bar......just go down a bit and it is under the Xmas Item button..
    I found her tips all useful and have helped to make blogging a fun and interactive experience
    PS Your blog is looking great.....


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