Thursday, January 6, 2011

Week #1-The Sienna Dress

The project: The Sienna Dress
The challenge: sew using knit fabric

In my former days of sewing, I tried making a baby romper for my nephew Dante when he was first born. It was going to be made from a jersey knit fabric. . . tragic fail. The first and last time I tried using knit. The fabric was stretched out, the stitches were all over the place and different sizes and the edges didn't match up. That project was shelved and probably still lives in my closet somewhere; did I mention Dante is going to be turning 15 next week!

With the challenge of knit, I decided it would be apropos to make a dress by the blogger that started me down this path:
Ashley at Lil Blue Boo.
 She has an amazing site/blog, where she creates dresses and patterns inspired by her daughter Boo (Sienna). She has wonderful tutorials on all kinds of sewing and crafting and she uses up-cycling in much of her work. 

The Sienna dress pattern is designed so you can use re-cycled T-shirts.

I LOVE up-cycling. It feel like I am getting rid of so much clothing from all my girls all the time and even though I am donating them, it still fells like it is wasteful.This pattern gives me the opportunity to feel a little more green and make something original in the process. 

I will be making a dress for Lily Bear from T-shirts passed down from The Princess P.
Wish me luck!
I will be back soon with the results.


  1. well, I guess I know what project I will be working on tonight!

  2. You always work on this project. . . don't you?


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