Monday, January 17, 2011

Has This Ever Happened To You?

You run to the fabric store because you need just one thing to finish a project. 
Usually it is something small, a notion, pattern or a yard of fabric or trim. 

Here is what I went to the fabric store for:
I needed to try another pattern for my Week #2 project: the fleece hat for Lily Bear.

And here is what I came out of the fabric store with:
Ever happened to you?

$8.00 pattern vs.$100.00+ fabric and patterns.

Fortunately for me, this was mostly paid for with gift cards I got from Christmas (thank you dad and step-mom as well as Joanna).
Hopefully we will see some of this fabric in the next few weeks being used in the weekly projects. 


  1. That's a lot a fabric...

  2. Yes it is dear. Smile and nod :)

  3. That's funny. Whenever I say "I'm only going to be a minute" my son says sure, you never take less than an hour. I always answer with but I know what I want, I'll just get it and leave. He's over that one too! SewBaby - I read her blog and I don't even have little kids. At least I think it's the same person. Have a good one, stopped by from The Selvage Blog. Good job on the pouch.


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