Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Week #9 Using Up Those Sraps

Challenge: Sew Something Using Scraps
Project: Belt for Elle Bean

In the last two months of sewing I have accumulated quite a few scraps. . . .and I actually bought a scrap bag when I was last at Mama Said Sew.

 I know I am crazy but the fabrics were so beautiful.
So this week I am going to make something from my scraps. 

Elle Bean is having some pant problems (which I will elaborate on in the Turn It Around Thursday for this week) and she is in need of some new belts. 
I have had a really hard time finding belts that will fit her. 

She is a size 14/16 and every belt in the children's section is way too small and the belts in juniors don't fit right either. 

I have seen a few belt tutorials on Lil Blue Boo's blog and I think I am going to try and modify one of them to fit our challenge.

Any other scrap using ideas out there?

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